Infrastructure Development: Building a 21st Century Liberia


Infrastructure is a foundation of economic development. It is the key to providing quality healthcare, education, jobs, and food security in any society. In Liberia, the CPP will stimulate the private sector and kick-start infrastructure development through privatization, thus attracting investment. By partly privatizing infrastructure development, the CPP will put Liberians first by employing thousands of people; to develop reliable and widespread electricity; connect running water in rural homes; and build a world class network of roads connecting the country. The CPP will provide everyday Liberians with a better quality of life with adequate roads and reliable electricity, water supply, and sewage systems.

The CPP will be bold and creative, working with international partners and investors to achieve our vision for Liberia. We have a two-fold plan to electrify the nation and empower an inclusive economy. The CPP will continue modernizing and improving our existing power systems in the short term, while looking for long term partnership opportunities to provide more cost-effective energy sources such as solar energy.

Our government will take a pioneering role by using renewable energy to power government-owned buildings.

Infrastructure developed at international standards is linked to attracting foreign direct investment to Liberia. CPP's approach to infrastructure development will attract investors to Liberia's power, roads and water sectors. Together these represent the foundation of a prosperous life for Liberians throughout the country.

Our priorities include:

*          Privatize infrastructure development to attract investments in power, roads and water

*          Develop reliable, widespread and lo w-cost electricity

*          Ensure clean running water in every comm unity

*          Connect all regions of the country through world class network of roads

*          Expand internet connectivity throughout Liberia