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Our country is at a crossroads: we find ourselves, having almost completed the first quarter of the 21st century with much of our country languishing in the 19th century.

Our population is poorly served by inadequate health services – entire provinces having no hospital and just a few poorly equipped clinics.

Our economy is withering under the inept direction of this government and the gap between the haves and have-nots grows wider every day. 

Our cities and towns are groaning under the weight of the number of people driven to them by lack of opportunity in the rural areas, where agriculture struggles to meet the needs of our population with declining crop yields and poor distribution to market.

Almost half of our population - particularly in the rural areas - are unable to meet their basic food needs and three-quarters of a million of us live in extreme poverty.

Large numbers of our population still languish in the darkness of illiteracy and our children are served by too few schools, creating for many a vicious cycle of repetition in which a new generation is being raised to face the same disadvantages as their parents.

This is the reality faced in Liberia today, unless we seize the opportunity to take a better road into the future. We and the ANC offer Liberians real transformative change - A Better Country. Get Involved contribute to REAL CHANGE!

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