Hearts & Minds


The CPP believes in the collective power of all Liberians - youth, women, disabled and every group that makes this nation unique.

Women are critical to the success of our nation, the youth represent our future and our disabled community should be empowered to do more for themselves and their families. All groups were central to bringing peace to Liberia and have sustained that peace through the last administration. However, our society has marginalized these groups. Women, youth and persons with disabilities are politically and economically marginalized, overlooked by politicians.

The CPP will lead the way in prioritizing gender parity with equal access and rights between women and men, and youth inclusion to ensure the voices and contributions of our youth are heard and valued. For persons with disabilities, they will be key to helping transform our country through specialized skills.

The CPP will work to support measures that will promote women's leadership and participation in government, business and society. CPP will put in place mechanisms for women's effective participation in the formulation and reform of policies, including land tenure reforms, national security, and education.

We will implement legislation and drive policy to strengthen women's economic empowerment. Concretely, we will implement a $5 million a year Women's Empowerment Program accessible to all Liberia women. Additionally, due to the high illiteracy rate among women, CPP will place greater emphasis on adult literacy to complement our commitment to basic education. We will also champion against gender-based violence and the rape epidemic - prosecuting anyone who violates the rights of our women.

Similarly, the CPP will work for and with the youth. Our government will dialogue with youth leaders, through the National Youth Forum to implement programs impacting the youth. Decentralizing youth activities to ensure youth in the most remote counties are impacted positively through our empowerment programs. We will also establish a National Youth Service Program, to identify immediate job opportunities where our youth can contribute to their communities.


*          30 to 40% of all cabinet appointees will be female

*          Promote women's leadership and participation in politics, government, business and society

*          Implement legislation and policy to strengthen gender parity and women's economic empowerment

*          Ensure women have fair access to education, health, and the private and public-sector opportunities while addressing the unique issues facing women and girls

*          Introduce a youth empowerment program that supports college graduates entering the workforce

*          Invest in targeted vocational training programs to equip disenfranchised youth with tools to enter the job market

*          Establish National Youth Forum and National Youth Service Program for government to collaborate on top youth priorities

*          Provide specialized vocational training and credit vehicles for business opportunities for Liberians with disabilities.