Modernizing Healthcare


Access to health care, safe drinking water and sanitation in Liberia is inadequate. This was a reality long before the Ebola outbreak or the Covid Pandemic, which both revealed the vulnerability of the health care system. Emphasizing the need for a strong and affordable healthcare system, the CPP will focus first on preventative and primary care, ensuring all Liberian children have access to immunizations.

CPP's overarching goal within the health sector is to deliver quality healthcare services and provide reasonable and accessible healthcare facilities throughout the country. We will institutionalize a preventive and treatment regime to reduce the leading causes of preventable deaths in Liberia, including maternal and early childhood mortality, from malaria, infectious diseases, and silent killers such as diabetes and hypertension. Success will be measured against key benchmarks that assess the increase in average life span in Liberia, currently among the lowest in the world.

Furthermore, high health care costs preclude some from seeking care and further exacerbates the impacts of poverty and inequality on those who struggle to afford health care. Moreover, many health centers are still unable to safely provide basic vital services, as they lack staff, medication and health information. This situation is reflected in the lack of capacity to manage childhood infections and deliver safe births.

Our healthcare priorities include:

*          Prioritize free health care for children up to 6 years old and elders 65 years and over

*          Focus on primary and preventative health care

*          Increase access to healthcare facilities by constructing new health clinics throughout the country

*          Combat potentially unsafe counterfeit drugs and ensure legitimate and quality medication are readily available in health facilities across the country

*          Invest in new and existing health care workers at all levels through training and development programs

*          Strengthen the technical capacity of Liberian hospitals and clinics to ensure Liberians access to world class technologies in health care

*          Promote public health through improved access to immunizations, especially for children