Expanding Education


Education is strongly linked to Liberia's ability to create jobs and a prosperous middle-class in Liberia. The CPP's education agenda will focus on three pillars: vocational training to address the demand for relevant skills in revenue generating industries for Liberia; teacher training as means of properly equipping our teachers to deliver 21st century education to 21st century youth; and adult education to increase access to opportunities for those who were left behind by the absence of education delivery by this administration. The CPP will ensure quality and affordable education, and work towards providing free public education. Our primary focus will be on youth and adult education, especially vocational training to put Liberian's first in line for new jobs.

CPP's short-term focus will be to provide access to free, quality national primary education, as well as a streamlined vocational educational system aligned with current private sector needs. This includes construction, information technology, services, tourism and manufacturing. Long term, we will reform higher education in Liberia by focusing on teachers' training, innovate in education delivery and strengthen a Liberia's network of colleges and universities.

Our education priorities include:

*          Ensure free quality education for every Liberian up to high school

*          Ensure high school graduates are prepared for college or vocational institutions and graduating college students are prepared to join the workforce

*          Invest in vocational training to equip youth with in-demand skills for employment

*          Implement relevant teacher training and recruitment

*          Expand opportunities for university enrollment and reform higher education to produce more graduates in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields

*          Increase adult literacy by 50% by introducing a national literacy program

*          Advocate for innovative solutions to radically improve primary education